Internet Faxing vs Traditional Faxing

The fax machine has been one of the mainstays of the modern office for decades. This was a great time saver and convenience, allowing businesses and even private individuals the ability to send printed materials from virtually anywhere in the world by simply using a telephone line. Despite this, as technology continues advancing, the traditional fax machine may be giving way online or internet faxing services. Are there any significant advantages of internet faxing versus traditional faxing?  Continue reading Internet Faxing vs Traditional Faxing

Where to Sell Your Old Phone for Top Dollar

Because technology is constantly changing, people who invest in it spend a great deal of time and money trying to keep up with cell phone companies as new phone models are released. It seems that with each release, phones are becoming all the more sophisticated with features that make even the most finicky technophiles gleeful. Chances are that you have swapped out your cell phone more than once for a newer model, but what do you do with your old phone? The good news is you can turn a profit with your old phone if you find the right dealer. Continue reading Where to Sell Your Old Phone for Top Dollar

Get to Know The Grand National Course

The Grand National has long had the reputation of being one of the most difficult horse races in the world. Not only is the race over four miles in length, but the horses and jockeys face 30 of the most testing jump racing fences in the world. There are 16 fences which are all jumped twice save for two, The Chair and the Water Jump, which riders and horses only encounter on the first circuit of the course.

As one of the world’s most popular horse races, it’s one that almost everyone has a bet on; whether or not they know much about racing. You can check out the odds on Betfair for this year’s race which will take place on 5 April. Betfair currently has Teaforthree as the favourite, followed by Long Run, Monbeg Dude and Tidal Bay.

Following horse fatalities, there have been some changes to the course in recent years to reduce the dangers. After the 2011 Grand National, the drop on the landing side of Becher’s Brook (fence six and 22) was reduced by 4 to 5 inches across the fence. This meant that the horses had a more level landing area. Similar levelling work was undertaken for the landing side of the first (and 17th) fence, to reduce the number of horses that might ‘over-jump’ the first fence at the beginning of the race.

The fourth fence’s height was reduced to 4 foot 10 inches as it had been identified as one of the more difficult to jump. Orange toe boards were raised to 14 inches on all the Grand National fences. These are at the base of the fences and are there to help horses see where the base of the fence is.

2012 saw some further alterations to the course, mainly around the building of the fences and the start of the race. The race last year was reduced from four and a half miles to four miles, three and a half furlongs and there have been measures put into place to avoid horses getting caught up in the starting tape. Moving the start has meant that the approach to the first fence will be slower, and horses should be less distracted by crowd noise. Further levelling work was carried out for easier landing after the jumps.

The main change last year, though, was in the construction of the fences themselves. Although they’re still covered in spruce that is brought in from the Lake District, the wooden framework has been replaced by ‘plastic birch’ – a softer material than wood. Also the top 14-16 inches of spruce can be knocked off by the horses, rather than it being rigid up to the top.

To understand what it’s really like to take part in the Grand National you can watch a jockey cam view of the 1999 race. Since then, though remember that those significant revisions have been made to the course, making some of the jumps less treacherous, especially the Canal Turn. Watching the jockey’s eye view clearly demonstrates that there is no such thing as a sure thing in the Grand National. So whatever horse you back on Betfair or any other betting exchange, you’re never guaranteed a win in this horse race, but it will always be a spectacle to watch!

Understand Digital Signature Technology

There are so many offerings from online certified companies delivering validated digital signature for online transactions with fully loaded features that makes it easy for you to identify technology behind successful journey of this useful technique of signing documents without pen and paper. It is secure and most versatile technology utilized by business owners with broad spectrum and technically sound organizations making full deployment of method that currently involves singlet system of signing documents with verified digital id.

Digital signature technology is based on public key infrastructure or technically asymmetric cryptography in which user is assigned with a pair of keys for validation that makes it easy to verify or identify signature from respectable parties. Public and private key provided with digital signature is used for decryption and primarily used by sender while signing document digitally. At receiver end, public key is used that demonstrate source of document and validates the same. Private Key is confined to signer where public key is used by multiple or single receivers.

Hashing is used for validation of digital signature and it is most valuable program currently used for different security measure platforms. With help of hashing signature seal is authenticated and it is most important part of delivering safe and secure message across the web. Hash function has its own role while validating signature and it is by far most important component of digital signature that assists in validation and completes authentication.

Use and working of digital signature

When you look to send some documents to person, use private key to sign document this is the primary step followed by you that requires validated signature with private key provided by your certification authority. You have to generate message hash or document that will reach person without alternation and it will carry your public key to allow other users make use of it and validate your signature to encrypt message incorporated in document.

After validation at users point, same kind of hash message generated and compared with original expression, if both matches perfectly then your transaction can be regarded as secure and complete validation is achieved through this procedure.

Digital signature makes your document unreadable and it is highly efficient method of transferring confidential data files across internet. It is mostly utilized by ecommerce platforms for secure shopping and also integral part of corporate houses where online transfer takes place and there are lots of other advantages we gain from digital signature as it is cost effective and reduces time interval of current operations.

For paperless transactions, digital signature is one of the best method currently opted by online businesses where they can feel safe and secure while sending confidential data for verification.

Author Bio:- Michel is a professional blog writer currently working with cosign digital signature solution provider and have vast experience in writing blogs on modern concept of technology.

Everything to Look for Starting on the Web

If you think your business needs a website, you probably already know the benefits that a site can provide. However, you might not know everything you’d do well to go looking for. If you go for a full-service solution like, you’ll have access to everything you need, but it’s still important to know what you’re getting into to get the maximum benefit out of your internet investment. The following are all the services you’ll need to consider before starting a professional website.

Hosting itself is the first thing, and the most important thing. You’ll need to make a decision about whether or not specialized hosting is right for you. Specialized hosting services do more than just host websites. They host services that will make your website work. Examples of specialized hosting includes database hosting and Cloud management. Only go for specialized hosting if you need it, but don’t overlook the possibility that you might.

E-mail is an easy factor to overlook. Many people rely on web e-mail, but for business purposes you’ll want to consider having an e-mail address with your company title attached. However, not all e-mail hosting is created equal, and while e-mail is a relatively low-resource program, hosting companies often restrict it to prevent abuse. These restrictions may limit your facility to use e-mail for business purposes, so make sure you know you’re getting your needs covered before you commit to a given hosting plan’s email restrictions.

Built-in services are what you’ll need to consider next. Built-in services might include blogging frameworks or e-commerce solutions. You should go for these if they’ll do what you were going to install manually. However, they tend to be inferior to more specialized solutions for more specialized purposes. Be honest with yourself about your needs before you decide to rely on any hosted services that your plan might get you access to. At the same time, you shouldn’t overlook any hosting that offers them for free. Oftentimes they will offer some kind of support to go with them, and this can save greatly on overhead. Weigh all your options and do your due diligence.

Starting a professional website can be a great investment in your company’s future, but you’ll need to do it right. Do your research beforehand, however, and you’ll be able to find the hosting you need easily enough. Then you can get started on putting together your new site.


Four Areas Deeply Impacted by Technology

Fifty years ago, we could only dream of the technology most of us use on our smartphones every day. Computers and technology have infiltrated every area of our lives, and sometimes we find ourselves still scrambling to make room for them. Can our current technology really have any kind of impact on nutrition or analyzing the English language? Here are a few unexpected areas where technology is making an impressive impact, changing the way we interact with our world. Continue reading Four Areas Deeply Impacted by Technology

General idea of website heatmaps and analytics tools

Website heatmaps is a common most analytical tool utilized by website owners nowadays to finish optimization readily and it supports multifunctional platforms that enables users make visuals to separately study recent visits from users. With help of website heatmap users are able to study click and browsing pattern of visitors on particular webpage. Importance of website heatmap as per webmasters view can be best known from blogs and websites where we could find details of each and every useful website optimization tool.

What is Website Heatmap?

Website heatmaps demonstrates frequently visited pages and helps webmasters judge performance on the basis of click through method. You must read and understand working capability of website heatmaps as it is essential part of website analysis and helps make winning strategies when you look to make some changes on design or features of website. Whether you still need some evaluation after using website heatmaps but most part of your analysis will be completed with the help of newly defined website conversion tools that will help build better website for visitors.

Usefulness of Heatmaps

We always think that our website is not performing well but can’t we find exact reasons why it happens with us as competitors following simple formula of success and getting better response from clients. In that case, we need evaluation that will be easy to follow process with help of new website conversion tools like heatmaps and site analysis tool that will be our first preference along with other helpful programs.

Preferences webmasters should make

There are many heatmaps building up services online but you should choose one that offers your transparent approach and never sacrifices your money for own profits. You can choose from paid or free services as both have their own respective limitations when you compare results generated by either of the services. It is highly important to convey a broad message towards your client and it is possible with help of new website heatmap analysis tool.

What should we do next?

Find one such website that offers you highly professional services for website heatmaps generation and you will be able to receive better response from clients with detailed analysis on design and features of website. You should prefer service provider that captures real time clicks as it is quite necessary prospectus when you look to redesign your website after engaging in some sort of trouble with broken links or something like that.

You can track source of traffic with other analysis tools but website heatmap is one of the best tool you get for real time views of recent visits made by your lost business leads. Controlled analysis will not be better choice when you opt for redesign, so it is worthy to use full time services with minimal charge accepted for website heatmap creation.

Bottom line of this discussion is your visitors requires full featured website and it is only possible with help of website heatmap study.

Author Bio:- Jeffery is a professional blog writer enthusiastically playing his part in internet marketing industry and allows you to read and understand tricks and tips on website conversion optimization devoid of any faulty formula.

How Guerrilla Marketing Can Increase Mobile App Adoption

When you create a mobile phone app, it’s important to get people talking about it. Recent studies have shown that more than 50 percent of all web traffic stems from recommendations made by friends and family. This statistic confirms what a lot of smart guerrilla marketers already know; positive word-of-mouth advertising is the best way to grow the popularity of your app. Continue reading How Guerrilla Marketing Can Increase Mobile App Adoption

Is horse racing about to become more interactive?

When you watch a major horse racing event, things can get pretty exciting, and even more so if you’ve got a bet on the outcome. With online betting exchanges like Betfair, it’s so simple to find out the odds before a race starts, and if you’ve taken a value bet early, you can always decide to lay back the bet if the odds come in nearer to race day, thus making a profit even before the race has started.

Sometimes, though, when you’re watching the horse racing, even with there being so many cameras positioned around the track and travelling alongside the race, you can sometimes find it hard to keep track of your horse and rider, and get the impression that you’re just viewing a sea of riders. This makes it harder to feel a part of what’s going on.

However, all that may soon change if jockey cam developers get their way. In Nascar racing, the change has already taken place, with fans being able to pay to login for a cockpit camera view of an event. Watching the race with a driver’s eye view, it’s far easier to decide whether to alter your Betfair punts as the race is happening. The same technology is possible for jockey helmets. There’s a super-light 4oz camera that has been developed so that spectators could have a jockey’s eye view of the race.

But although the technology exists, and has been trialled in different races, jockey cams are not yet used on a regular basis. Before that happens there are some admin and safety issues to be ironed out. Although racing associations like the Jockeys’ Guild and the New York Racing Association have shown positive interest in the idea, they are yet to endorse the use of jockey cams.

One of the potential issues is whether all jockeys would be obliged to wear jockey cams. Would the ever so slight weight difference disadvantage the riders who wore them? On the other hand, the unique perspective that jockey cams give could encourage greater numbers of people to place horse racing bets – all of which would bolster the industry as a whole.

Jockey cam proponents are campaigning for the cameras to be introduced in order for the world of horse racing to increase the number of younger horse racing fans. If not, there’s a concern that horse racing will lose out to other sports where the up close and personal viewing action makes a sport that much more exciting to watch.


Will Rugged Tech Ever Be Destined for Consumer Use?

As the lines blur between rugged and standardized gadgets, talk turns to whether us tech enthusiasts will ever choose a tougher product to cater to our everyday technology needs. We’re always looking for the latest and greatest advancements but as individuals, rugged devices seem to be off the menu… but why? And how could the advanced features of rugged tech benefit consumers everywhere?

Is tougher tech all its cracked up to be?

The latest semi and fully rugged devices can withstand the harshest conditions from rising and plummeting temperatures to excess vibration and water damage, but the last thing we’d want to do with our iPhone or tablet is submerge it into the sea or kitchen sink! Whilst delicate consumer devices fall flat in certain environments, rugged tech thrives in difficult and hostile conditions.

Despite its enhanced features, the technology giants manufacturing rugged gear are still not targeting consumers in the search for sales and increased profit. Instead the military, emergency services, oil, gas and utility markets are grabbing ruggedized devices to increase productivity and lower inventory costs.

The evolution of rugged devices

Whilst the use of rugged technologies isn’t making a huge impact on the consumer market, the progression of leading manufacturers may just be changing how we view these products as individuals. For a number of years, rugged devices have been criticized for their robust design, and in response to this more and more devices are been inspired by the consumer world, especially the handheld designs, which are particularly popular industry-wide.

Rugged devices are fast becoming wearable and aesthetically pleasing as manufacturers invest in the design-side of product development. In addition to its design overhaul, rugged tech is also being transformed when it comes to functionality, which has often left the most experienced users stumped. Will this be the cocktail that manufacturers are looking for to make rugged devices suitable for private sectors and consumers?

More consumer inspired adaptations

It’s not just design and functionality where rugged devices are becoming more commercialized. The chip architecture of the rugged processor is also being transformed to provide a more specialized performance. The introduction of microprocessors is nothing new in consumer product development, however, for rugged tech this enhancement enables better use of the chip’s capabilities, high performance and increased battery efficiency.

Teamed with new operating systems, applications, chipsets and hardware become much more user-friendly and stable, offering consistency for industries looking for a dynamic mobile solution.

What’s stopping rugged tech being fully available to consumers?

One huge issue when it comes to rugged tech is its price. Due to its advanced and hardened features rugged tech has been deemed an impossible purchase for the average consumer. However, with several manufacturers recently opening their doors to individuals looking to go rugged, tech experts hope a price drop won’t be too far in the future.

Rugged tech benefits at a glance

Whilst rugged technology may not be fully adapted for everyday use just yet, despite the harsh conditions you and your gadgets have to face on that morning commute, tougher devices are becoming an increasingly popular purchase for adventure lovers and thrill seekers across the globe. But what benefits can you look forward to if you prefer a trek through the jungle rather than a relaxing beach holiday?

Here are five reasons why going rugged on your next adventure holiday may be a good idea…

1. Enhanced battery life: The majority of rugged tablets and handheld devices have unrivalled battery life in comparison to standard gadgets, which means you can enjoy extended battery life even if a power point isn’t in sight for up to 13 hours.

2. Lightweight models available: Whilst many rugged devices are known for their bulky appearance, there are a number of lightweight and slim-line models that make perfect travel companions.

3. More user-friendly: Tech enthusiasts may think the enhanced features mean complicated user interfaces, however, devices are becoming increasingly user-friendly with the addition of familiar operating systems.

4. Withstand high altitude conditions: Standard devices simply would not last in extreme conditions but rugged tech is designed to withstand humidity, vibration and extreme highs and lows in temperature.

5. Unbeatable shock absorption: Accidentally dropping your device from a height is a gadget lover’s worst nightmare, especially if you are away from home and the technology is more difficult to replace. But rugged tech can withstand extreme drops with its shock resistant components.

Author Bio

Brittany Thorley is a consultant for Rugged Systems. She is passionate about technology and loves to share her expertise on the rugged device market.