Quick SEO Techniques That Can Improve your Rankings

SEO is ongoing. It is always necessary for a website and getting higher rankings is normally difficult. So many companies out there need to have SEO work done on their sites and they do not really want to take advantages of the professional services of qualified SEO Brisbane companies. Whether you want to work with the SEO companies or do the work alone, here are different techniques you want to think about in order to improve site rankings.

Check The Organic CTR And Make Changes

What you have to do is go to the Google Search Console at the Search Analytics section of Search Traffic. Look at CTR and impressions as filters. Look at those pages that have a higher visibility and that show a really low CTR. You want to improve the meta descriptions and title tags. Change them to improve CTR.

Optimize Images To Improve Site Speed

Site speed stands out as a highly underrated ranking signal. Look at the loading time on desktop and mobile with the Google Site Speed Tool. That will help you to see if loading speeds are lower than what they should be.

While it can be difficult to improve the speed of the entire site, you can do many different tasks that would make loading speed changes on images. Image sizes can be made smaller and as a result, the entire site performance will be improved.

Check For Duplicate Title Tags And Meta Descriptions

Out of all the tips that you will find here, this is the one that is the easiest to use. Once again, head over to Google Search Console. This time you want to go to HTML Improvements from Search Appearance. This page will show you the duplicate title tags and meta data. Remove those double pages and change the tags if that is possible. Rankings will automatically be improved.

Don’t Forget About Image Alt Attributes

Google Image Search is highly underrated when referring to how much traffic it can deliver to your website. The problem in many cases is that Google will not see the image so it will rely on what you say about it. This practically means that you have to absolutely always add the Alt tag to images. This section describes the image and will make it easier for the traffic to come in from Google Image Search.

Eliminate 404 Errors

The 404 errors are going to appear when the Google Robots try to visit pages that do not exist. In most cases these errors are not a problem and will not harm overall rankings. However, if you notice that there is a quick and big increase in the number of 404 errors you get, you have to see if something bad is happening. The errors are available in Crawl Errors in the Search Console. When you have something that was accidentally deleted, use the 301 redirect to fix the problem.

As you can see, there are some pretty simple SEO techniques that can be used in order to increase search engine rankings. Take advantage of them!