How To Get A Solid ROI Using SEO

In order to generate a decent return on investment, you will need to have a marketing strategy that will bring targeted visitors to your website. In order to do this, many people will work with SEO agencies that can help them fully optimize their site so that it can rank high on the search engines. This will allow you to generate organic traffic that is highly targeted, bringing buyers right to your offers. However, visitors that do not convert are not going to help you generate any revenue at all, but there are ways to make sure that the vast majority of your traffic is going to improve your ROI such as using a Milwaukee SEO Expert | Boost Digital Marketing.

What Is ROI?

This simply stands for Return On Investment. This is a calculation that is made by looking at how much you are putting into your business and the profit that you have left over after expenses. For example, if you are advertising with PPC ads, and it is costing you $1000 per week, you should at least be generating $1500 a week or more to get an ROI of $500. If you are going to use SEO to do this, you are going to think in the same manner. You always need to make more than you are spending if you are going to have a profitable business venture.

How SEO Can Help Improve Your ROI

You can get an excellent return on investment from search engine optimization as long as you are doing this the right way. For example, if you can get a two to one ratio on how much you are spending and how much you are earning, then your ROI will be exactly where needs to be. To do this, you will have to rank multiple long tail keyword phrases at the top of the search engines to generate thousands of visitors every week. You need to drive targeted traffic to your website, and by fully optimizing as many pages as you can, it is possible to have a very good return on investment.

This overview of how you can get a solid ROI using SEO should motivate you to either learn more about search engine optimization techniques, or to hire a professional. If you would prefer focusing on your business, you can use these companies that can rank your website for you. It will help you get the best return on investment possible using search engine optimization as one of your primary marketing strategies.

What You Should Know About Modern SEO Industry

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It has to do with techniques that help your website appear in the first places among organic search results, making your website more visible to people who are searching for your brand, product/service via search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

SEO of Your Site Pages

There are many components that can improve the SEO of your site pages. Search engines are interested in elements like title tags, keywords, image tags, internal link structure, and inbound links, and more. On the other hand, search engines are also looking at your site structure and design, visitor behavior, and other external, off-site factors when determining how to rank your site in the search engine results pages.

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Modern SEO Industry

Right from the beginning, some people have insisted that search engine optimization isn’t going to have a long life. However, SEO survived and turned into a thriving industry.

A recent study by Borrell Associates, a company that tracks local advertising throughout North America and the UK and provides detailed reports and forecasts for local media companies via its Compass product, companies were going to spend $65 billion on SEO in 2016. In 2008, they predicted the amount would be three times less for 2016. Moreover, the study predicted the SEO industry would go on growing to reach $72 billion by 2018 and $79 billion by 2020.

Based on another survey among 357 marketers, over 90% were going to increase their SEO budgets or keep them the same over 2017.

This shows that SEO has grown even more than previously projected, and is preserving that growth well into the future.

Top 5 Web Design Trends for 2017

You already know that the days of Flash animation, hit counters, gaudy text, and cluttered-up websites are long gone. But what are experts predicting will emerge as some of top web designs for 2017?

1. Simplicity and Minimalism

Web designers have been paring things down for several years now, but in 2017, websites are going to get even cleaner and sleeker.

Look for bold typography, stripped-down navigation, minimalist color palettes, and a lot less stuff in general. Instead of headers, footers and sidebars all surrounding a cluttered central panel on every page, expect to see just one to three focal points per page, with a navigation bar that offers only a few options.

Lots of white space contributes to this simple aesthetic, as well.

2. Microinteractions

You might not be familiar with the term “microinteraction,” but chances are you’ve experienced them while browsing a website. Have you ever positioned your cursor over a design element — say, an image — and watched as a block of text explaining that image popped up, only to disappear again once you moved the mouse? That’s a microinteraction.

Rollover and hover-over microinteractions will be popular in 2017 and beyond, as will scrolling effects.

Microinteractions help web designers maintain that simple, clean look, while at the same time still providing the information that visitors to the website are seeking. For example, a “Meet the Team” page might be composed of photographs of a company’s employees, while a mini-bio of each employee is available when you hover over the photo.

3. Bright, Exciting Color Effects

Monochrome and duotone effects are likely to dominate trendy websites this year. Using just one or two colors — the latter often high-contrast, but sometimes just two shades of the same color for a more muted effect — can offer tremendous visual impact, while still following that streamlined aesthetic.

Many web design trendsetters will be creating websites that look more like a screen-printed graphic. And layers of color, often in bright or even neon 1980s-inspired shades, are going to be hot.

4. Web Design Gets In Shape

Geometrical elements have begun to make their appearance. Think circles placed around photographs, arrows and lines that direct the eye, even pictures that are cropped into triangles, parallelograms and other shapes. You may already have seen profile pictures or avatars that are round, rather than the traditional square shape.

5. Content Is Front and Center

In many cases, the previous four web design elements have one thing in common: they help keep the focus on the content. After all, that’s where most websites want visitors to look, since content is what drives social shares as well as search engine rankings.

Websites that are busy, with multiple articles, videos, pages, and actions to choose from, are falling out of favor. Don’t be surprised when you click on a site and see only one large image, maybe with only a few words’ worth of overlapping text, and only three or four navigation options, subtly positioned off to the side or in the corner.

In short, websites are going to look a lot cleaner, even emptier, than in the past. It can be difficult to keep up with all of the latest trends, so if you’re already feeling overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to call in the experts to help!

Actionable Ways to Optimize Your Blog Posts


When it comes to successful ventures through blog posts, frequency and quantity massively contribute to an individual’s business. However true this may be, blog posts optimization must be utilized for the published content to grab reader’s attention. Blog posts optimization also contributes to a higher ranking in search engines. What is more, an individual should capitalize on introducing offers that can have a direct impact on the efforts of a lead generation. The concept is as simple as the higher the number of visitors on the blog, the better the business. Here are ways to optimize an individual’s blog posts.

Social Media Sharing

With the current generation vastly employing social media in business and events, sharing blog posts will encourage readers to share the content through the sharing button. It is, therefore, vital to include a sharing button on the published content. As a result, the content will reach a vast network and expand its coverage beyond the writer’s reach. As a small enterprise, the utilization of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google create massive connections comprising potential clients and current customers. That is why an individual should capitalize on these sites for greater web exposure. Some of the sites also have free programs for a promotion like Hootsuite. The feature makes it easy for a blogger to post the latest contents of all social media accounts with a few clicks. Hootsuite allows a blogger to schedule posts ahead of the set time.

Compelling Images

Images play a good psychological game with humans. A compelling image insinuates attraction while explaining what the blog post is about at the same time. This ensures that the blog post presents an appealing visual picture to readers and prospective clients. A blog post containing an element of visual impact contributes massive traffic to the content. From photographs to graphic images, visual features generally perform better than just a post full of writing. Whenever an image is uploaded to the blog post, it is essential to include keywords. The keywords should strategically be inserted in the name of the file. The alternate text field should also be filled with a brief of the keywords and a short description of what the image portrays.

Utilization of Key Words

After a proper identification of the target market when coming up with a blog post, identify keywords. These words must be relevant and valuable to the blog posts. Inserting keywords in the right places is essential. The density of use must also be identified and utilized accordingly. The keywords must be placed where they shall have an enormous positive impact on readers. They should easily be spotted too. It is important for an individual not to engage in keyword stuffing. Key word staffing refers to the overuse of key words in the content. This will end up cluttering the blog post. It also becomes difficult to read through the content. Apart from irritating the reader, this is worth a penalty from Google. A couple of key words strategically placed will massively contribute to traffic build up on the blog posts. An individual should try to include the key words in the following listed places:

  • Title

  • Introduction

  • Concluding paragraph

  • Title Tags

  • Meta descriptions

  • Headings and subheadings

Make it Actionable

Whether readers found the blog post using a search engine or email, or better yet the social media network, it is evident that it was because an individual needed a problem solved through the posted article. A reader shares a post because of an actionable insight it offers in problem-solving. It is, therefore, essential for a blogger to provide clear takeaways. Additionally, the blogger should generate actionable steps in the blog posts. These steps must resonate with the ideas with the reader’s needs.

Synergize Relevance and Entertainment

Metaphors are useful and timeless narration elements. They should not only be left to novelists and authors. They should be included in blog posts when comparing different things and at the same time illustrating connections between them. Metaphors are a valuable approach to synergize content relevance and deploy more interests from a subject. On the other hand, informative does not mean boring. Blog posts should include cutting –edge entertainment to attract readers. Conclusion

There are many blog posts in the world. If a blogger is convinced that their blog posts should stand out from the existing blog posts, it is necessary to implement necessary work towards the initiative. Optimization of blog posts drives more traffic to the posted content.