What is the VESA Mounting System for TVs?

If you encounter the need to mount a television or computer monitor on a wall or another surface, you will surely also encounter the term VESA, and most likely will not know what it refers to or its importance.

Basically, VESA is an international standard that defines how to mount a monitor or television in a safe and adequate way by using a support. It refers to the hole pattern, which corresponds to the size and weight of the panel, which is located at the back of the TV, and that also coincides with the holes in the support.

Currently, the VESA standard is widespread, and it is practically impossible to find a television or computer monitor, be it LCD, LED or any other technology, that does not have a set of holes in its back to allow it to be mounted on some type of support such as those provided by www.unicol.com.

When was the VESA standard created?

Actually, the standard for the supports that allow us to mount a monitor or TV display on the wall is called “Flat Display Mounting Interface” or FDMI, which is part of the family of specifications promoted by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), which also sought to standardise other types of technologies.

Specifically, the FDMI standard was created in 1997 and included everything necessary for manufacturers to begin adding to their panels the set of holes needed to hang it from a support, which corresponds in distance to the weight and size of the television or monitor.

VESA supports for monitors and televisions

That is why, today, we can find all kinds of supports, specifically designed to fit a specific type of monitor or TV display panel. Although most of the supports include several sets of holes, which allows a certain flexibility, this does not mean that we can hang a television or monitor of 22 inches on a support prepared for a device of 42 inches.

How do I know if my TV or monitor is compatible with VESA?

As mentioned, it is practically impossible to find a monitor or TV screen that is not prepared for VESA support, however, it is possible to prove it unequivocally: if the back of your device has a square or rectangle formed by holes for mounting with screws, it is compatible with VESA.

What kind of VESA support do I need to mount my TV or Monitor?

Fortunately, the answer to this question is simple; it is sufficient to measure the distance between the holes of the mounting screws. If the distance equals 75 x 75 mm, you must buy a support that corresponds to that measurement, however, it never hurts to ask the seller about your specific needs regarding model and size, since they can advise you best.