Advantages of Premium over Free Antivirus Software

Today, there are lots of free things. You’ve heard of free calls, free browsing and now we have free computer programs. Antivirus software plays a key role in protecting your browsing. There are lots of internet fraud and blackmailing scams online. This usually happens when your private details are shared with internet fraudsters. To ensure privacy, make sure that you have installed a quality and efficient internet security program. There are lots of antivirus programs you can choose from: free and premium versions. Before you are enticed by any free antivirus software, it is important to note the differences and efficiency of each type of antivirus.

Most manufacturers have developed both free and paid versions of antivirus. Why pay for antivirus when you can get the same protection from free antivirus? This is a question most internet users ask when searching for the right internet security program. The truth is that free antivirus cannot match the premium antivirus versions. Most free antivirus programs are developed for testing purposes. Once you have tested the program, you are recommended to upgrade to the premium program. If you continue using a free version of an antivirus programs, here are some of the things you are typically missing.

Premium Features

If you’ve been using free internet security, you will probably have come across a scenario where you are alerted regarding a possible threat and asked to upgrade your antivirus to delete it. This is the main shortcoming of free antivirus. It can detect a threat when scanning but cannot provide a solution. Free versions are typically limited to detecting a few types of threats. With a paid or premium version antivirus, you are protected against worms, viruses, trojans, keyloggers, rootkits, spam and adware. You can visit a reliable source to download cheap antivirus programs with premium features.


The quality of an internet security program depends on its speed to scan and detect malware. Usually, a free antivirus program is very slow and may take hours to scan your computer. It is also slow to detect malware when browsing as it lacks a real-time scanning option. A paid antivirus program is fast in detecting trojans and malware, as well as other viruses. It will alert you immediately if there is a possible threat while browsing. Paid antivirus also protects you by blocking pop-ups, usually created by hackers and cyber criminals.

Protect your personal and private details by installing one of the best internet security programs. Unlike in the past, you no longer have to spend a lot of cash on antivirus. There are affordable antivirus programs for both personal and business use. Compare and choose the ideal antivirus for your needs. Premium antivirus programs also typically come with 24/7 customer support from the manufacturer.

Necessary Tips to Help Protect Your Computer from Viruses

Unfortunately, the reality is that most computers are affected by some sort of virus at some point. However, there is no need to panic. If you have a good antivirus package, your computer should be safeguarded. There are a few things in particular to look for when you are searching for the best antivirus software.

Since your computer could literally become useless if it is infected, you do need to take action before it is too late. If you don’t, then you will find that your computer may get attacked and all your files will be compromised. Below are some of the most important things you should look for when searching for the best antivirus software for your computer.

1 – What Is Your Operating System?

You must know the type of operating system you use, because antivirus software packages have been tailored specifically for this. You could be using Windows, Linux or Mac, for instance. Additionally, you have to know the version of your operating system. Usually, when you come to download the software you have chosen, you will have to pick which operating system you use, so find this out before you choose your software.

2 – Is it Legitimate?

Unfortunately, some really unscrupulous people will actually infect your program by providing you with fake antivirus software packages. You have to make sure, therefore, that the program you are choosing actually is real. A proper program will be legally approved and it will have a number of strong credentials. It will also have been reviewed in industry publications. If it is something you have never heard of, be suspicious.

3 – You Will Need to Pay

Most antivirus software programs offer a free trial. Some of these only provide limited use, others give you the full version of the program. However, sooner or later, you will have to pay for what you’ve got. Keeping a virus program up to date means that a lot of time has to be invested and time costs money. Yes, there are free programs out there as well, but it is unlikely that these are as good.

4 – Read Reviews

Reviews are everything and you should take the time to read them. All the best antivirus programs have been reviewed by industry peers. The only downside of this is that they are often hard to understand and go into some technical details that most average people simply do not understand. Luckily, however, there are also plenty of reviews online written by regular people who have actually installed the program on their machine and want to tell you about their experiences. Some of the things to look for in particular include value for money, how well it works, whether it offers automatic updates, and whether it slows your machine down.

Don’t get caught being that one person without antivirus software on your computer. You may think that this type of stuff only happens to other people, but it does not. Anyone with a device that is connected to the internet is a potential victim.