VPS Hosting and Its Impact on SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process of increasing the traffic to your website (both numbers, as well as, relevant traffic) through the organic search engine results. Did you know that the web host plays an important role in ensuring that your SEO efforts bear fruit? Yes! The choice of the hosting plan is crucial for the success of your SEO efforts. In today’s article, we will talk about VPS Hosting and its impact on SEO.

What is VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Server Hosting or VPS Hosting is a hosting type where your website is hosted on a virtual server. The hosting provider uses virtualization to create multiple virtual servers on a physical web server and hosts your site on one such virtual each. Each of these has dedicated resources and works in isolation from the other virtual servers on the physical machine.

VPS Hosting services are available as Linux VPS Hosting plans and Windows VPS Hosting plans.

VPS Hosting and SEO

Primarily, the SEO performance of your website depends on:

  1. Page load speed of your site
  2. Security
  3. Availability

Let’s look at how VPS Hosting services help you across these three important factors:

  1. Page Load Speed

It is no secret that a slow loading website loses the interest of the site visitors. Would you visit a site again if it is slow to load and does not leave you with a good experience? Probably not, right? Therefore, most site owners strive to increase the speed of their website.

While there are several aspects that determine the loading speed, a VPS Hosting plan offers dedicated resources and an isolated hosting environment to boost the speed of your site. Since your website is hosted on an independent virtual server, other websites cannot affect the performance of your site.

  1.  Security

Web users, as well as, search engines do not like websites which are prone to viruses and malicious threats. It tells them that the site owner does not take the security of his website seriously and hence they tend to stay away.

With VPS Hosting plans, you work in an isolated environment and therefore, if another virtual server faces an attack or a threat, it doesn’t affect the performance of your site.

  1.  Availability

Site visitors have no tolerance for websites which are regularly facing downtimes. All they do is find an alternative and never return (your competitor). Therefore, it is important to buy a hosting plan which offers at least a 99.9%+ uptime. Most VPS Hosting providers with a state-of-the-art infrastructure offer maximum uptimes to keep this issue at bay.


Regardless of the nature and size of your business, it is important to keep SEO in mind while selecting the hosting type and plan. Remember, your website resides on the web server. Therefore, the performance of your site depends on the performance of the server. Talk to the provider and ensure that you cover the points mentioned above before buying a hosting plan.


Simple SEO – Steps to Follow

Do you want your blog and website to be on the first page of the search engine? If yes, then you have to optimize it. This is where Search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play. There are millions of websites out there and to make your blog or website stand out, you will have to spend some time and effort into SEO.

SEO targets various types of search which includes video search, image search, news search, map search and the overall web search. It is basically a strategy for internet marketing that one should learn to build a successful blog or website. SEO optimizes the content, links and the design of your website, thus taking your website to the peaks of success.

It is highly important to make your content/ blog post come up in the first page of the search engine for example Google.

There is something known as white hat and black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is basically about optimizing your content by breaking the rules. It is catered not to the viewers/ readers but to the search engines. It is mostly about fooling the search engine to get a good rank, which results in bad content and spams which gets banned very soon.

However white Hat SEO is the one you should go with, It more about your viewers and readers and going with the SEO rules, in other words it is clean SEO where in, you gain viewers and readers naturally.

It might be a slow process but it is worth it.

On page and off page SEO

On page SEO is all about the factors on your page that helps in optimizing your content, which includes the content, template, design and headlines.

On page SEO

They say ‘content is king’, which indeed is true. Google is no fool, you have to provide Google with fresh, crisp and a tasty write up and it will help you with optimization. If you serve copied and bad content Google will be disappointed.

Make sure that you offer the best quality content that is possible and search the right keywords for your content. Searching the keywords is the most crucial part of search engine optimization and you should put in a good amount of time for it. However, make sure that you don’t stuff your write up with the keyword. Use it wisely.

Off page SEO in other hand are the factors that depend on sources that are not on your page which includes other blogs, personal history, social networks and more.

Both of these are crucial to optimize your website or blog.

If you are planning to own a website or if you already own one and are confused about the SEO part, then don’t worry. There are various agencies and individual freelancers who deal with SEO, they offer the service to you, so that you can relax and focus on other bigger issues.

However, if you own a startup and have a bad relationship with SEO then, you should go ahead with an SEO agency. If you think that you don’t have enough to pay to the agencies, then there are online portals that offer quick loans online. Taking a loan to optimize your website is not a bad idea. Be sure that you opt for the services of a trusted company, be it for SEO or for the loans.

After all the optimization is only going to bring in more revenue and you will be out of the loan soon.

How To Get A Solid ROI Using SEO

In order to generate a decent return on investment, you will need to have a marketing strategy that will bring targeted visitors to your website. In order to do this, many people will work with SEO agencies that can help them fully optimize their site so that it can rank high on the search engines. This will allow you to generate organic traffic that is highly targeted, bringing buyers right to your offers. However, visitors that do not convert are not going to help you generate any revenue at all, but there are ways to make sure that the vast majority of your traffic is going to improve your ROI such as using a Milwaukee SEO Expert | Boost Digital Marketing.

What Is ROI?

This simply stands for Return On Investment. This is a calculation that is made by looking at how much you are putting into your business and the profit that you have left over after expenses. For example, if you are advertising with PPC ads, and it is costing you $1000 per week, you should at least be generating $1500 a week or more to get an ROI of $500. If you are going to use SEO to do this, you are going to think in the same manner. You always need to make more than you are spending if you are going to have a profitable business venture.

How SEO Can Help Improve Your ROI

You can get an excellent return on investment from search engine optimization as long as you are doing this the right way. For example, if you can get a two to one ratio on how much you are spending and how much you are earning, then your ROI will be exactly where needs to be. To do this, you will have to rank multiple long tail keyword phrases at the top of the search engines to generate thousands of visitors every week. You need to drive targeted traffic to your website, and by fully optimizing as many pages as you can, it is possible to have a very good return on investment.

This overview of how you can get a solid ROI using SEO should motivate you to either learn more about search engine optimization techniques, or to hire a professional. If you would prefer focusing on your business, you can use these companies that can rank your website for you. It will help you get the best return on investment possible using search engine optimization as one of your primary marketing strategies.

What You Should Know About Modern SEO Industry

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It has to do with techniques that help your website appear in the first places among organic search results, making your website more visible to people who are searching for your brand, product/service via search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

SEO of Your Site Pages

There are many components that can improve the SEO of your site pages. Search engines are interested in elements like title tags, keywords, image tags, internal link structure, and inbound links, and more. On the other hand, search engines are also looking at your site structure and design, visitor behavior, and other external, off-site factors when determining how to rank your site in the search engine results pages.

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Modern SEO Industry

Right from the beginning, some people have insisted that search engine optimization isn’t going to have a long life. However, SEO survived and turned into a thriving industry.

A recent study by Borrell Associates, a company that tracks local advertising throughout North America and the UK and provides detailed reports and forecasts for local media companies via its Compass product, companies were going to spend $65 billion on SEO in 2016. In 2008, they predicted the amount would be three times less for 2016. Moreover, the study predicted the SEO industry would go on growing to reach $72 billion by 2018 and $79 billion by 2020.

Based on another survey among 357 marketers, over 90% were going to increase their SEO budgets or keep them the same over 2017.

This shows that SEO has grown even more than previously projected, and is preserving that growth well into the future.

Quick SEO Techniques That Can Improve your Rankings

SEO is ongoing. It is always necessary for a website and getting higher rankings is normally difficult. So many companies out there need to have SEO work done on their sites and they do not really want to take advantages of the professional services of qualified SEO Brisbane companies. Whether you want to work with the SEO companies or do the work alone, here are different techniques you want to think about in order to improve site rankings.

Check The Organic CTR And Make Changes

What you have to do is go to the Google Search Console at the Search Analytics section of Search Traffic. Look at CTR and impressions as filters. Look at those pages that have a higher visibility and that show a really low CTR. You want to improve the meta descriptions and title tags. Change them to improve CTR.

Optimize Images To Improve Site Speed

Site speed stands out as a highly underrated ranking signal. Look at the loading time on desktop and mobile with the Google Site Speed Tool. That will help you to see if loading speeds are lower than what they should be.

While it can be difficult to improve the speed of the entire site, you can do many different tasks that would make loading speed changes on images. Image sizes can be made smaller and as a result, the entire site performance will be improved.

Check For Duplicate Title Tags And Meta Descriptions

Out of all the tips that you will find here, this is the one that is the easiest to use. Once again, head over to Google Search Console. This time you want to go to HTML Improvements from Search Appearance. This page will show you the duplicate title tags and meta data. Remove those double pages and change the tags if that is possible. Rankings will automatically be improved.

Don’t Forget About Image Alt Attributes

Google Image Search is highly underrated when referring to how much traffic it can deliver to your website. The problem in many cases is that Google will not see the image so it will rely on what you say about it. This practically means that you have to absolutely always add the Alt tag to images. This section describes the image and will make it easier for the traffic to come in from Google Image Search.

Eliminate 404 Errors

The 404 errors are going to appear when the Google Robots try to visit pages that do not exist. In most cases these errors are not a problem and will not harm overall rankings. However, if you notice that there is a quick and big increase in the number of 404 errors you get, you have to see if something bad is happening. The errors are available in Crawl Errors in the Search Console. When you have something that was accidentally deleted, use the 301 redirect to fix the problem.

As you can see, there are some pretty simple SEO techniques that can be used in order to increase search engine rankings. Take advantage of them!

General idea of website heatmaps and analytics tools

Website heatmaps is a common most analytical tool utilized by website owners nowadays to finish optimization readily and it supports multifunctional platforms that enables users make visuals to separately study recent visits from users. With help of website heatmap users are able to study click and browsing pattern of visitors on particular webpage. Importance of website heatmap as per webmasters view can be best known from blogs and websites where we could find details of each and every useful website optimization tool.

What is Website Heatmap?

Website heatmaps demonstrates frequently visited pages and helps webmasters judge performance on the basis of click through method. You must read and understand working capability of website heatmaps as it is essential part of website analysis and helps make winning strategies when you look to make some changes on design or features of website. Whether you still need some evaluation after using website heatmaps but most part of your analysis will be completed with the help of newly defined website conversion tools that will help build better website for visitors.

Usefulness of Heatmaps

We always think that our website is not performing well but can’t we find exact reasons why it happens with us as competitors following simple formula of success and getting better response from clients. In that case, we need evaluation that will be easy to follow process with help of new website conversion tools like heatmaps and site analysis tool that will be our first preference along with other helpful programs.

Preferences webmasters should make

There are many heatmaps building up services online but you should choose one that offers your transparent approach and never sacrifices your money for own profits. You can choose from paid or free services as both have their own respective limitations when you compare results generated by either of the services. It is highly important to convey a broad message towards your client and it is possible with help of new website heatmap analysis tool.

What should we do next?

Find one such website that offers you highly professional services for website heatmaps generation and you will be able to receive better response from clients with detailed analysis on design and features of website. You should prefer service provider that captures real time clicks as it is quite necessary prospectus when you look to redesign your website after engaging in some sort of trouble with broken links or something like that.

You can track source of traffic with other analysis tools but website heatmap is one of the best tool you get for real time views of recent visits made by your lost business leads. Controlled analysis will not be better choice when you opt for redesign, so it is worthy to use full time services with minimal charge accepted for website heatmap creation.

Bottom line of this discussion is your visitors requires full featured website and it is only possible with help of website heatmap study.

Author Bio:- Jeffery is a professional blog writer enthusiastically playing his part in internet marketing industry and allows you to read and understand tricks and tips on website conversion optimization devoid of any faulty formula.

What Can Google Offer You?

Google has been around for quite a while now and since it first opened its doors, or to be even more precise its search engine, it has been on a fast roll towards world domination. Google has roughly 90% of the online search audience and has managed to keep it that way for several years as they diverge to meet the needs of their demanding customers. What really made Google king of the internet is the fact that nearly all of their products are free until their products start to make you money.

Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is entirely free; you will never pay a cent for anything. Google Webmaster Tools allows you to see exactly what is happening to your website within the search engine rankings. Where it is positioned, if it has risen or fallen in the past 30 days and will also make recommendations on how to improve your site’s visibility. Webmaster Tools is also how you let Google know that your website exists by submitting a sitemap so the Googlebot can see every page you want indexed.


Adwords is a more advanced tool and here is where Google makes the majority of their money. You can pay to be in the top positions within the search engine rankings. Positions 1, 2 and 3 are where most of the traffic clicks through to the advertising website while the other positions account for just over 10% of clicks in total. This is why there is huge competition to be at the top of those search engine ranking positions. If you want to be among the leaders it is best to get an Adwords Consultant as Adwords tools can be hard and complicated to use if you want them to work efficiently.


Analytics is another great tool for your website that is entirely free. Here you can see how long visitors have been on your website. You can also see where they came from: search results, paid search results, social media sites or directly by typing your web address into their browser. Analytics also lets you see how your traffic gets from A – B, generally from where they enter your website to completing goals such as making it to a certain page, or even better yet, making a sale. Here you can make sure people are navigating correctly through your website, and you can make changes if they are not, to increase your sales.

Google offers loads of other free services to keep its users happy such as Google maps, Google drive which allows you to store information and documents for free in the cloud as well as Gmail, one of the world’s largest email sites. It is no wonder they are so big as they make the majority of their money from large companies who want to get in touch with Google users.

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