Internet Faxing vs Traditional Faxing

The fax machine has been one of the mainstays of the modern office for decades. This was a great time saver and convenience, allowing businesses and even private individuals the ability to send printed materials from virtually anywhere in the world by simply using a telephone line. Despite this, as technology continues advancing, the traditional fax machine may be giving way online or internet faxing services. Are there any significant advantages of internet faxing versus traditional faxing? 

Incredibly Easy To Use:

One of the best things about using an internet faxing service is that it can be much easier than sending a traditional fax. In many cases, this can be done right through your typical web browser. There are even some services making it possible to send a fax as easily as you send an email. It is also quite possible to do these tasks directly from your smart phone. In other words, you no longer even need to be in the office to send faxes through the internet.

Reduced Cost:

Online faxing also saves you money. There is no more need to pay for things like ink, paper, and toner since all of this can occur electronically. Of course, you may still choose to print out your received faxes, but this would be on your computer rather than a fax machine. Not to mention a fact that fax machines can still cost up to several thousand dollars. Why not put that money back in your pocket and just use an internet service? All you would need is a membership in a low cost service.

More Environmentally Friendly:

There is also no doubt that an online fax service is much more environmentally friendly than a traditional fax machine. The EPA has even said that fax machines are a very energy intensive type of business equipment. This is due to the fact that they are kept ‘on’ all the time, waiting for incoming faxes. This ends up wasting a lot of electricity, since the average machine uses 321 kilowatt hours per year.

Traditional fax machines also use a ton of paper. This has been estimated at 5,000 sheets annually, per machine. Not to mention the fact that a number of harmful chemicals are used in the process of creating fax paper. Chlorine, sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide are used as whitening agents. Obviously, an internet faxing service reduces energy consumption as well as the use of paper and chemicals.

Higher Levels Of Security:

Did you know that nearly half of all office employees have read a fax that was not intended for them? With an internet based faxing service, this simply cannot happen since the fax is delivered straight to the recipient’s email inbox. This also makes it much less likely to become lost or misplaced, as can easily happen to physical, paper-based faxes. Additionally, most online faxes are sent and received through encrypted transmissions, making them almost impossible to intercept and decipher. Traditional faxes can be hacked and exploited.

Bottom Line:

There are a lot of significant advantages to internet faxing versus traditional faxing. You will save money, have an easier time sending and receiving, keep the planet healthier, and be more secure in your transmissions. All in all, this seems like an easy decision. Plus, there has never been a better time to start using such online faxing services.

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