Marketing your business throughout the internet

Internet marketing is fast becoming the preferred channel for an increasing number of businesses, no matter which sector they belong to, and regardless of whether they are principally offering merchandise or services. Online marketing offers remarkable flexibility as you can tailor your content quite precisely to the segment of the market you are targeting. Also, despite the fact that online interaction with customers is technically “remote,” you can still engage with people, answer specific queries, and satisfy individual needs. Here are a few ways in which you can successfully market your business through the internet.


Your website

Whether you have set up your own website or paid someone else to set it up for you, you can pay a relatively modest fee for the registration of your domain name, which is your website address.Your site will work best if it has a layout that is easy to navigate, and you should also aim to fill it with interesting and useful information – avoid unhelpful items and junk.

In essence, you want your website to invite customers to linger a little, and this is when getting advice from a professional web designer can be well worth the initial investment as it will repay you in no time. In addition to basic information about your business and what you offer, think about what might attract your customers. How-to videos or descriptions connected to your products are often a hit, as are informative anecdotes, information about staff events and activities and relevant freebies.

Working social media

These days, social media should be an integral part of your marketing strategy, not merely an afterthought. In fact, some internet marketing experts go so far as to say it’s crucial to place social media communications at the heart of your business model, using it to drive your business, finding out what your customers want, and giving them exactly what they tell you they need. Make sure you personalize your communications via social media, encouraging customers to befriend, connect with, or follow you so that you can send them direct messages about items that may be of interest.

Social media can be an incredibly effective way to build up a reputation as an expert in your chosen field. By being part of the ongoing online conversation about recent trends in your chosen industry, you can quickly build a following and create new, valuable professional connections. Take Harry Dhaliwal, for example. As franchise manager for the Manchester branch of Belvoir Lettings, Harry regularly updates his blog and Facebook profile with news and opinions from the property sector. Aspiring estate agents that add Harry on Facebook, therefore, will gain access to a wealth of knowledge, and this in turn will enhance his reputation in the industry. This is the kind of relationship building which will pay off huge dividends in the future if done correctly.

Online advertising

Online advertising comes in several different forms. Pay per click (PPC) helps you to identify those people who are genuinely interested in your goods or services as you only pay whatever you are willing to pay when someone clicks on your ad to find out more. It’s easy to set up a daily advertising budget using this method, plus you have the freedom to cancel or restart the ad whenever you choose.

Banner ads are generally small rectangular ads that will take you to the advertiser’s site if you click on them. Sidebar ads are displayed generally while people are playing games. A tail sidebar is about two to three times bigger than a banner ad, and it is difficult to scroll it off-screen. The click-through rate is generally much higher than a banner ad, and you will pay more for targeted ads.

If you are investing in online advertising, don’t forget to customize ads for electronic tablets and smartphones – an IT expert can help you get the technology right. You can buildin Google ads to your own website, but be careful about ad placement and which ads you carry – you want to keep your customers happy, and you definitely don’t want to promote your competitors.


Finally, consider whether promoting videos via YouTube or starting a blog will offer your customers added value. Again, there are professionals that can assist with this. Relative material can be provided for you on a regular basis, and they can monitor and evaluate how your website is performing for you and your business.

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