Windows 10 build 18267 has been released by software giant Microsoft to Windows Insiders who have subscriptions to the Fast Ring.

Those who have subscribed to the Fast Ring usually have access to early versions of Windows 10 updates which are yet to be released.

With this development, feedback shows that the Windows 10 search feature will be overhauled.

There is an updated search tool in the new build that enables files and folders to be searched for in Windows Search.

This new feature which has been described as an ‘Enhanced Search’ can only be enabled after users have allowed Windows 10 to carry out a manual indexing of every file directory of the available PC.

Understandably, this process is time-consuming but since the aim is to get an ultimate and accurate way of locating files and folders, it will be worth it at the end.

These improvements to Windows 10 search feature for files and folders will definitely be welcomed by users who have been frustrated in their attempts to implement the search feature for the location of specific documents.

This is so because their previous attempts produced no results or the wrong results.

Meanwhile, it won’t be a surprise if Microsoft decides to do away with the feature altogether before the official release is done, as this has been the fate of other enhanced features in the past.

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Meanwhile, no date has been given on when the official final version of the update will be released. However, it should be available in the first half of 2019.

The Windows 10 build 18267 also comprises additional features and fixes to bugs.

The full change log of the update where you can ascertain the newness of the features has also been released by Microsoft.

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