Microsoft Project Server Hosting

While Microsoft Project Server is indeed the premier (and preferred) enterprise level software package for project managers across a wide range of industries, it is also a very complicated product. This includes the potential added expense and/or hassle of getting the software installed, configured, and then administered. Fortunately, any business or even individual project manager does have several options for how they choose to host this high-powered software. 


One of the first key decisions which your company will need to make regarding the implementation and hosting of Project Server, is whether or not to do an on-premises or online installation. If you choose to host the program on your own, this will mean a certain set of both advantages and disadvantages, depending on your perspective.

On-premises hosting might be a great option for a business that really likes maintaining a high level of control. It will also require that you have an administrator who is functional in terms of using and integrating this program with whatever else you have going on in the background as well. This type of hosting and configuration will allow your company to have full SQL query access to the database along with full control over the content.

Online Solution:

Of course, many other businesses might be more interested in choosing an online solution for Project Server. This will allow them a number of advantages associated with a cloud based configuration. One of the most important considerations here is the fact that when using a public cloud, you can actually save a lot of money, as compared to actually hosting it yourself and then deploying, configuring, and administering the software.

Another advantage of this type of online hosted solution is that it gives businesses of various sizes additional opportunities. Before the innovation of cloud-based hosting and software as a service (SaaS) applications, many smaller businesses were simply not able to afford high end systems like Project Server. This also now provides businesses and even individual project managers the option of choosing between a private and customized application, or a standard setup that simply focuses on core services, applications, and capacities.

Short Or Long Term Solution:

Another really interesting way to approach Microsoft Project Server hosting is to possibly give it a test before really committing to a full install and subscription. There are actually a number of third party solution providers that would be willing to help in this regard. That way, your organization can actually try this out before really committing itself to the full-blown process. This also eliminates the need for the hassles of buying servers and training staff to actually install, configure, and support the program.

Bottom Line:

Project Server from Microsoft is one of the high-end solutions that many, if not most, project managers and management companies are very excited about. Of course, there are literally tons of different options that you can pursue in terms of having this system set up for yourself. Whether you want to have a self-hosted infrastructure on-premise, that allows you virtually full control, or an online cloud-based hosting option which defrays some of the costs and still allows access to a core set of commonly used features, applications and services, it is really all up to you. There is no longer any reasonable excuse for putting off the implementation of a Project Server; you know you need and want it anyway.

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