Not your ordinary “MacBook killer” contender. Introducing the Surface 4

Many laptops have claimed to be the next “MacBook killer.” None succeeded. So why another contender? You’ve obviously not seen this new wonder from Microsoft.

 Last October 26, Microsoft unveiled a unique tablet with the technology to replace your basic laptop, the Surface Pro 4. Microsoft continuously innovates their product by making it faster, convenient, and with longer battery life than its previous models. Microsoft released Surface Pro 4 before its main competitor the new Apple IPad Pro with Apple’s desktop operating system, the OS X.402617-surface-pro-4

What’s in it to win it.

The Surface Pro 4 is equipped with 128 GB Intel HD Graphics 520, 4 GB Memory (RAM), and 2.4GHz Intel Core i5 6300U for $999 and running on Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) as its operating system. They maintained its design and almost the same as the Surface Pro 3, but this time they made Surface Pro 4’s displays bigger and thinner. It now weighs 771 grams or 1.7 pounds. It is great for frequent travel and work outside the field. You can learn more about the Microsoft Surface 4 at Harvey Norman.

According to, the new Surface Pro 4 is Microsoft’s victory lap.

What’s good

As a totally new feature, the Surface Pro 4 comes with Windows Hello, Microsoft’s new technology for biometric authentication. The Surface Pro 4 fits a bigger screen with a higher resolution into a tad slimmer body than last year’s model. The pen and keyboard cover are also upgraded, and this is one of the first mobile systems shipping with Intel’s newest processors.

What’s bad

I don’t know why they keep doing this, but Microsoft still refuses to take account of the Type Cover keyboard by default, forcing a separate buy. Battery life is a bit better, but still isn’t enough to last you a day with continues usage.

The Bottom Line.

A host of small improvements cements the Surface Pro 4’s position as the best-in-class Windows tablet — so long as you’re prepared to pay extra wad for the required keyboard cover accessory. Now after three generations of pitching a tablet that can replace your laptop with mixed success, they finally made it right this time.

But is it a “MacBook killer?” I dare say NO. But it serves its purpose well.

The Surface Pro line is less about pitching the very concept of the tablet PC with a detachable keyboard to wary shoppers, and more about seeing how far it can go in refining the final product.

Should you buy it?

If you are a previous owner of Surface Pro 3, then you certainly know the advantages of owning a Surface device: it’s razor thin, portable, and very powerful. While you may be quite satisfied with your current laptop, the Surface Pro 4 will make you reconsider because of its very compelling features.

The Surface Pro 4 is a great device hands down. If you want a tablet that can replace your laptop, then there is no question about it; the Surface Pro 4 is the way to go. Try it, why don’t you?

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