Don’t Let Your Site Down Out Check These 6 Fresh Web Designs for 2014

In a modern world flooded with websites and DIY design sites, you don’t want your own site to drown in the torrent of boring and featureless designs out in cyberspace – your own site must stand out if you want hits. Like the title suggests ‘fresh’ and ‘modern’ are two adjectives that can help lift your site head and shoulders above the rest.

Modern’ and ‘fresh’ are two ways of describing ‘clean’ designs, designs mostly used by photographer freelancers, artists, bloggers, the creative list goes on… A clean design usually features simple navigation and organized elements on the page, and content is presented in an easy-to-read format. Less is often more in minimal and clean design.

Remember, a website is like the front of a shop or business, giving an indication as to just what you represent and offer. The perfect example of this is when you walk into the Apple store – you immediately know where you are because it is unique, bright and simple, just like their website.

Listed below are just 6 examples that will give you the perfect template and design in a perpetually changing and modern world.



This site is clean and very modern. With its image-focussed format, ammunition would suit portfolios and corporate sites. Freelance photographers, artists and designers would also do well with this design. – Design & Development


Using clean styles, contemporary pastel colours and icons, this modern design by Maxlabs is suited to industries such as agencies, internet-based and tech-based companies.



This design uses grey, white and cyan blue to great effect, enhancing the icons. It utilises the illustrative, modern and scroll down styles, ensuring easy navigation. Like the ammunition design, this would make for a great portfolio style site within the agency/design/tech industries.

Kalexiko – Momiji

Momiji makes an immediate impression with its white background and contrasting coloured dolls. It uses clear and uncluttered text, and the vivid images also make for an easy experience on the eye. With instant page loads and effortless searching and buying, Kalexiko’s Momiji design would suit retail and selling perfectly. Kalexiko who are a web design company based in the West Midlands and would be an ideal contact to talk about the rise of this type of design.

Career Glider – Blue Fountain Media


Career Glider is a site used by job seekers to search for information on careers and the correct education for the chosen career. The design only uses a few colours, with white clouds and blue sky the theme used on every page. The design is simple, as it really doesn’t need to be fussy for this site to function or attract users. It has a modern Twitter look to it and is very simple to use, with its drop down menus and clearly headed pages.

BritAsia TV – Kalexiko


The website developed here offers a superb user-friendly experience. Video content is the main focus the site ensures the clips can be easily and quickly accessed.

The pages feature the colours of monochrome contrasted against white, with pink used as a highlight. Pages are headed by a vivid and textured monochrome image, drawing the viewer in.

This design is obviously suited to video content and creative industries.

So when it comes to designing a website, less is often more in an age that is perpetually simplifying technology. Think of all the big names in Silicon Valley and you’ll see how simple and easy their websites are to use.