Telephone Switches – Benefits of Using Them

From huge potential savings to greater scalability of systems and everything in between, there are numerous reasons as to why businesses are switching from the traditional phone systems to the cloud.

Cloud solutions allow users to make phone calls over the internet or local area networks. The modern technology can convert analog voice signals to digital packets of information which can then be sent online, allowing for conversations to happen remotely irrespective of the location – as long as there is an internet connection.

If you are running a business, but are keen on getting efficient yet cost-effective solutions for your communications, it might be the right time to consider a telephone switch, or conmutador. But if you are still on the fence about that, here are some reasons to make the switch:

It is scalable

Traditional systems are easy to outgrow – imagine you had six workers but now have 12 workers. You would need to add more extensions or telephone lines with need costly hardware modules. Worst still, you could need a whole new phone system to accommodate your growth. But that’s not the case with cloud systems. A standard PC can easily accommodate a huge number of phone extensions and lines, so all you need to do when expanding is to add more phones to your network.

Better productivity and customer service

With cloud systems, you can have better productivity and deliver incredible customer service. The system allows you to integrate phone functions with the business application – for instance, you can view customer details when they call. You can also place outbound calls directly from your system, negating the need to dial the phone number.

Easy installation and configuration

A cloud call system runs as software on a device and can take advantage of the advanced processing power of a computer, along with its features and interface. Any tech-savvy individual can install and manage an IP telephone system. On the other hand, a traditional phone system usually requires a trained technician to do the installation and setup.

The web/GUI-based configuration makes it easier to manage

An IP telephone system can be maintained through a GUI or a web-based configuration interface, enabling you to easily manage and adjust your phone system. Traditional phone systems come with hard-to-use interfaces that can only be used by trained technicians.

Cut out the need for phone wiring

Phone wiring comes with its own share of logistics that translates to more cost. But with the IP PBX, it is possible to connect hardware IP phones to a basic computer network port. It also allows for easier addition or removal of extensions.

Its cost-effective

The fact that IP telephone system is software-based makes it easier for enhanced feature sets – a majority of these phone systems come with extensive features including voice mail, auto attendant, advanced reporting and ring groups. Some even allow for audio and video conferencing, support presence, and free calls through the data network. So, basically, you get twice the phone system features as the traditional systems, but at about half the price.


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