What is Cloud Computing Software?

Many of you will have heard in recent years about ‘the cloud’ when it comes to talking about computers and data. The phrase found its way into consumer’s mouths via companies like Apple and Google who offer the ability to store data in a magical place for you to access when you want it. Despite understanding the terminology, few of us truly know what this newfangled solution is all about so to help you out a little here is some information for you about cloud computing software, how it can be useful and why you should be using it?

What it is?

Cloud software is basically a way of managing data centrally using a third party it was used a lot during the 90’s by internet providers to enable them to spread out traffic to reduce bandwidth usage but it has now come to the fore for consumers. The notion behind it is to minimize how much data you need to have stored on your phone or tablet or computing device. Take for example iCloud software, this enables you to access your music remotely without having to have those songs on your iPod, what the software cleverly does is accesses a large server or computer which features all of your songs, then streams them to your device. The same goes for business’ who need to store huge amounts of data, instead of buying more server space, they can simply store the data with a 3rd party and access it on demand.


From a personal consumer standpoint the benefits are that you no longer need gigabyte after gigabyte of data on your computer, phone or tablet as music, calendars, photos and a whole host of other services can be stored on the cloud. This means that you no longer need to pay big money for devices with mountains of data, saving you money and hassle. For business’ cloud software is a God send, especially for big business who hold a great deal of information and reports, no longer will they require boxes and boxes of paper or be required to purchase huge servers to store memory as they can simply pay for a service that will store it for them and obtain the information from the cloud as and when they need it.


The future of cloud computing is that it will continuously grow and be offered across more business’ more types of data and eventually almost all of our data will be using cloud software. Charles Phillips served as Oracle’s President from 2003-2010 recently launched his company’s cloud service offering via Amazon and put it succinctly when he said “Putting everything in an in-memory database is a constraining architecture and a bad decision… Amazon gives us a supercomputer in the sky.”

That is the future of cloud computing, less data usage with our supercomputer in the sky, we couldn’t have put it better.

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