What Works Better? Pay Per Click or Article Marketing?

If you want to advertise online, there are lots of options out there. However, the two biggest ones are article marketing and pay per click (PPC) marketing. The question for many, however, is which one of the two is best and it seems that we are a long way from getting an answer.

In fact, if you were to do a Google search on which one of the two is best, you would probably get an equal amount of results for both sides. Some say that PPC management is the only thing you need, whereas others will say that article marketing gives you organic results and is therefore the best. Perhaps the reality is that both sides are right.

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration if you really want to know what is going on. This is because it is undeniably true that both work. What matters more, however, is which one is best for you.


Three Factors of Importance

Three things matter:

  • Conversion rates
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Click through rates

If someone uses a search engine to find something, they are instantly presented with ten results. You will find that the majority of those are natural search results, not PPC listings. Hence, article marketing is the better option. However, if you want to actually end up in those first ten results, you have to have relevant content on your website, and this is easier to achieve with PPC marketing.

A natural result is a result that was not paid for. PPC, as the name suggests, is paid for. Whoever bids the highest will be found first, regardless of whether or not they have relevant content. If you use article marketing, your content will be relevant, which means you also get the right customers to your site.

We also know that most consumers look for natural results. As such, even those who believe that PPC is the way forward now agree that these ads have little to no substance. They are, after all, just a short advertisement using just a few standout words. These words can be dishonest, misleading or sometimes even completely false. If someone does click on the add, they will be taken to a sales page and this can irritate them, particularly if they were actually looking for information.

With article marketing, you have to work really hard to make sure your consumers get the information they want. In so doing, you empower them to be able to make their own decision. They get a lot of data, vital points and other details. However, this also means that if they are in a hurry, they are unlikely to read everything. After all, if you don’t capture their attention in the first few sentences, you won’t capture it at all. This would mean that PPC is more effective, and certainly more cost effective as it is very quick.

The answer as to which one is better will probably never be agreed on!

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