Where to Sell Your Old Phone for Top Dollar

Because technology is constantly changing, people who invest in it spend a great deal of time and money trying to keep up with cell phone companies as new phone models are released. It seems that with each release, phones are becoming all the more sophisticated with features that make even the most finicky technophiles gleeful. Chances are that you have swapped out your cell phone more than once for a newer model, but what do you do with your old phone? The good news is you can turn a profit with your old phone if you find the right dealer.

Major Retail Electronics Stores

There are a number of retail electronics stores that may buy back your old phone. One of the greatest advantages to this is that the store employees have the knowledge and experience to truly understand what your phone is worth so that you get a decent price for it. They can also help to grade your phone in terms of its cosmetic condition, its age, and whether or not you’ve made any attempts to jailbreak the phone, which may reduce or even void any value it had. If possible, you should have all the original parts including the charger and any memory cards that came with the phone before you try and sell it back, as some stores won’t buy back your phone if these items are missing.

But sellers beware: big box stores tend to offer less than other buyers because of high operational costs and fees. Other stores will also only offer you a gift card rather than cash.

Online Auctions

Selling your phone at an online auction site like eBay allows you a little more freedom when it comes to the kind of money you want to make, and people may still buy your phone even it’s missing the charger or the charger is in fair condition. Most online auction sites are easy to use, even if you’ve never sold anything online before, and there are simple guidelines to follow that make it simple to post. Make sure that any photos you take of your phone are in good light so that viewers can see its details and design easily. If you choose to use eBay, it’s important that you understand eBay’s condition grading scale so that you can list your phone properly and bidders know exactly what they’re bidding on. Be as honest as possible in your grading because if your phone isn’t as in good condition as you claim it is, you’re going to have an angry customer demanding a refund and lose any money that you made on the deal.

However, though eBay is a popular choice, eBay tends to take a big chunk of the money you make, not to mention you have to fork over the cost of shipping. Also, if something goes wrong—like a shipping mistake—you’re liable to refund the full cost of the device.

Mail-In Recycling Companies

There are many companies online that make selling your old phone quick and easy. These sites have search options that allow you to enter the carrier and model of your phone, and the results of your search will tell you exactly what they’re willing to pay you for the device. Best of all, these online services offer quick payment with various pay methods, giving you the flexibility to be paid in the manner most convenient to you.

Some sites even pay for shipping and send you the mailer you need free of charge. Others may ask you to wrap and ship the phone yourself but still pay for the shipping so that you won’t lose any profit you make from selling to them.

If you take the time to find which option will offer you top dollar, you may make enough to put a down payment on that shiny new cell phone you’ve been dreaming about.

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