Best Law Practice Management Tools in 2021

Just like running any other business, running a law firm is incredibly complicated. Apart from managing clients, court documents, and cases, handling accounting and client hourly bills can be immensely time-consuming. The good news is that it does have to be that complicated in 2021. 

Law practitioners can use several tools to make things easier. From accounting and billing to the filing, these tools come in handy in ensuring that you run your law firm smoothly. Even so, with the marketplace filling up with legal software solutions, determining the best fit for your practice can be an uphill task since it is difficult to determine the best legal practice tools that are worth your time and money. 

Law practice management software is a legal firm tool to streamline daily operations by managing different aspects of a law firm such as case records, appointments, deadlines, documents, and accounting. For instance, a law firm in Columbia, South Carolina can use these tools to manage a team manually in an all-in-one software with ease. 

These programs completely transform how a law firm operates daily and minimizes overall costs in the long run. Apart from that, law practice management software helps make operations smooth in a law firm. 

Therefore, with advances in technology, you can expect several impressive software that will improve efficiency in how you run your law firm. While this is the case, it’s of utmost importance to keep in mind that there are no perfect tools. The best program is one that works best for your law firm. Read on to find out the best law practice management tools that you can use in 2021. 

Lex Machina

In 2021, one thing you can be sure of is that there will be heightened competition in the law industry, and to beat the competition, you’d want to have the best tools in the market to ensure that your law firm runs effectively. Traditionally, lawyers have been competing to attain the best and combining legal research and reasoning skills. Today, it’s all about competing for the client to provide the most efficient legal services in the market. 

Lex Machina helps you stand from the rest of the competition by saving you time on legal research. It works by mining litigation data and revealing different insights on parties, judges, lawyers, and the subject cases themselves. With a single click on Lex Machina, you will be able to get loads of information derived from millions of litigation information pages. 


While keeping your personal information is utterly essential, ensuring that your client’s data is secure is an absolute necessity. Although this might be the case, it can be quite daunting to keep your client’s information secure completely. However, this does have to be the case as long as you ensure to encrypt all your client’s information, including all the sensitive stuff, wills, records, and contracts.

To do this, you can utilize the BoxCryptor program. This free tool has been developed with cloud encryption service and has been integrated to run on your PC and Mac. Additionally, it works on Dropbox, Box, and different other cloud storage services. 


Being organized is an integral element in running a law firm. Ideally, AbacusNext, which is a legal practice management software, is specifically made for small law firms along with solo legal practitioners. In a bid to ensure that your practice is well organized, this software comes with a legal calendar and legal workflow processing that is entirely based on court rules, billing, payroll processing, and time tracking, among other features. Even better, this software is entirely customizable to fit every type of law firm regardless of what you specialize in. 


For any successful law firm, a modern and reliable system for managing clients is of utmost importance. These law practice management software come in handy in ensuring that your law firm runs effectively. At the same time, they will go a long way in ensuring that you save the much-needed funds in the long run. 

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