VPS Hosting and Its Impact on SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process of increasing the traffic to your website (both numbers, as well as, relevant traffic) through the organic search engine results. Did you know that the web host plays an important role in ensuring that your SEO efforts bear fruit? Yes! The choice of the hosting plan is crucial for the success of your SEO efforts. In today’s article, we will talk about VPS Hosting and its impact on SEO.

What is VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Server Hosting or VPS Hosting is a hosting type where your website is hosted on a virtual server. The hosting provider uses virtualization to create multiple virtual servers on a physical web server and hosts your site on one such virtual each. Each of these has dedicated resources and works in isolation from the other virtual servers on the physical machine.

VPS Hosting services are available as Linux VPS Hosting plans and Windows VPS Hosting plans.

VPS Hosting and SEO

Primarily, the SEO performance of your website depends on:

  1. Page load speed of your site
  2. Security
  3. Availability

Let’s look at how VPS Hosting services help you across these three important factors:

  1. Page Load Speed

It is no secret that a slow loading website loses the interest of the site visitors. Would you visit a site again if it is slow to load and does not leave you with a good experience? Probably not, right? Therefore, most site owners strive to increase the speed of their website.

While there are several aspects that determine the loading speed, a VPS Hosting plan offers dedicated resources and an isolated hosting environment to boost the speed of your site. Since your website is hosted on an independent virtual server, other websites cannot affect the performance of your site.

  1.  Security

Web users, as well as, search engines do not like websites which are prone to viruses and malicious threats. It tells them that the site owner does not take the security of his website seriously and hence they tend to stay away.

With VPS Hosting plans, you work in an isolated environment and therefore, if another virtual server faces an attack or a threat, it doesn’t affect the performance of your site.

  1.  Availability

Site visitors have no tolerance for websites which are regularly facing downtimes. All they do is find an alternative and never return (your competitor). Therefore, it is important to buy a hosting plan which offers at least a 99.9%+ uptime. Most VPS Hosting providers with a state-of-the-art infrastructure offer maximum uptimes to keep this issue at bay.


Regardless of the nature and size of your business, it is important to keep SEO in mind while selecting the hosting type and plan. Remember, your website resides on the web server. Therefore, the performance of your site depends on the performance of the server. Talk to the provider and ensure that you cover the points mentioned above before buying a hosting plan.


What’s Driving USB-C’s Popularity

The USB-C cable is the next generation of USB (universal serial bus) cables. Even those who can’t recognize it by name can likely recognize these cables by sight, being used in just about every personal and business computer application you can think of both for connecting peripherals to computers, transferring data, and charging various devices. More and more embedded engineers are making the move to try and incorporate connectivity/compatibility in their designs. But why go to such efforts when so many older USB items are still in use? Let’s take a closer look.


The Basics


To understand why so many are excited about USB-C, we need to take a moment and rewind back to 1996, and the release of the first generation of USB, USB 1.0. In those days, there were serious issues when it came to communication protocols for peripheral devices, and hardware compatibility was a commonality. Imagine needing one type of port on your computer to connect the monitor, one to connect the printer, and another type for your keyboard. USB 1.0 changed everything by letting all these devices connect via one connector type. Manufacturers, needless to say, were very happy with the change.


Fast forward to the modern day, and you have USB type-C. This first came to pass in 2014, but with more and more consumer products using it, it’s begun to extend outside the tech world in terms of prominence. At the core of the USB-C design is a reversible connector with 24 pins as well as a set of full-duplex communication capabilities.


With the history lesson over, we can begin to discuss why exactly USB-3 is so popular, so quick, from both a user and manufacturer perspective. For one thing, the timing was great. Around the release of USB 2.0, smartphone developers were in a race to try and make their devices as small as possible. This caused trouble for manufacturers, though. Many wanted to stick to the basic USB Type A 4.5 mm port, however, some of the smaller devices being put together were too small for the actual port. This led to variations like the Mini B and Micro B port.


However, the USB-C addition allows a new standard at a smaller size, making it easier for manufacturers to have the best base compatibility without having to compromise on size. Along with this increased compatibility comes replacement of other existing connection methods. Many manufacturers have gotten around compatibility problems by developing connectors suited to their specific needs. For example, Intel created the Thunderbolt, and Apple created the Lightning cable. USB-C offers a whole new level of versatility. In addition, despite only being slightly larger than the USB micro-b connector, it supports several alternate usage modes, including backward compatibility. When used with USB 2.0, you can see data transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbits.


One feature that’s quite useful, but doesn’t get the attention of some of the others, is the fact that USB-C cables have an inherently reversible design. Picture trying to fumble with the cable on your computer or adapter to either get that charge before your phone dies or quickly access a portable hard drive, only to be delayed because the cable was upside down? This reversible design makes that annoyance a thing of the past. You can plug a cable facing either way and have no loss of functionality. As a result, USB c to USB connections, legacy systems, and setups are that much easier to put together.


What Should Engineers Know?


Many major electronics manufacturers started to adopt this standard for release soon after USB-C came to prominence. These include Google, Nokia, and Apple. Apple is probably the largest backer in this regard, with several of its most popular consumer products featuring USB-C ports.


A lot of these factors, like how to take care of your USB C adapter or other peripherals, are mainly for recreational users who may want to take care of some rudimentary issues. However, for some people, like engineers, the advent of USB-C has a more far-reaching impact than they may expect.


This mainly applies to embedded systems, and the engineers tasked with using them to design future products. For examples=, your connector for USB-C measures exactly 8.25 mm wide and 2.4 mm high. As a result, it makes it possible for product designers to make products even smaller than they have in the past, without the fear of being too small for USB integration. Another thing that bears mentioning is that current USB-C cables will also support all USB versions, from 2.0 to 3.2. Note that devices with older designs won’t work with these new connectors, but the core connectivity/communication is still backward compatible. This means, in theory, you could use a USB-C cable with an older peripheral device if you’re willing to use a physical adapter.


What does this mean for engineers? For embedded designs, it’s essential that the engineers be able to test not only how USB-C and older cables work with their designs, but whether or not a USB adapter is also compatible.


Ultimately, when it comes to USB-C, there’s a lot to be excited about. Many tech professionals have been hoping for a greater deal of standardization and hardware compatibility across all devices, and this innovation may be able to lead the charge. Particular features that people should keep in mind are the high-speed transfer of data, power supply at high wattage, as well as a reversible design that’s quite user-friendly.


For embedded engineers, making the switch to this new standard sooner rather than later makes it easier to enjoy charging capabilities and data transfer speeds well above what we have seen in the past. Overall, the popularity is clear, the question is, how long will it take before we have a true new industry standard?


Usb-c usb-c cable usb type-c usb c adapter usb c to usb




How 3D Modelling Is Used and Why Your Business Should Consider Adding It

While 3D modelling may be new to you, it has been quite popular over the last five to ten years especially. More and more companies and industries are using it to create a better final product. In fact, there are probably many uses for 3D modelling that you have never even considered for your own business. Listed below are just a few ways 3D modelling is used and how it might be the missing ingredient your business has been looking for.


What Is 3D Modelling?

3D modelling is when digital objects are created (and sometimes put in motion) for either design, special effects, or even animation. There are several industries that take advantage of the capabilities of 3D modelling. It is quite common in the video game industry, in architecture, engineering, advertising, and illustrations.


What Are Some Common Ways 3D Modelling Is Used?

Have you ever watched films or television shows with amazing special effects? There is a good chance that most of those effects have been created with 3D technology. In fact, Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows over the last decade and every episode usually has a few instances of 3D modelling.


But 3D modelling is not just used in the entertainment business. Architects can create amazing 3D designs and drawings in a short amount of time with 3D technology when compared with the old fashion way of drawing everything out with a pencil and paper. Home designs and even landscaping designs can be completed in mere minutes with 3D technology and it will bring the designs to life in the process. There is a huge difference between seeing a two-dimensional drawing and one that is created with 3D software.


Just How Do You Get 3D Software for Your Business?

It is understandable if you are not familiar enough with all forms of technology to incorporate everything into your business. Just because you are a business owner does not make you Bill Gates. However, don’t let that limits the amount of business your company does. There are 3D software companies that can assist you in developing just the right service for you. If you are interested in pursuing 3D possibilities for your business, MySolidWorks is the version made for you. It is custom-made for exactly what you need. It just may be the next step needed to increase the number of customers and your profit.

A Look at the Best Casino Gaming Software

If you are among the majority of players who understand the frustration of going through an entire sign-up process with a mediocre online casino only to find out the games are just as mediocre, if not worse, rigged. This is why it’s vitally important to know the different types of casino gaming software on the market and what it entails. The big casino software giants only use the best in technology to deliver enhanced gameplay experiences and fairness – something any gamer can appreciate. These iGaming brands have heavily invested in marketing and as such, their reputations speak volumes. We are here to enlighten you and perhaps even save you a pretty penny and valuable time spent signing up with the wrong casino.

Below are some of the top gaming software brands to be on the lookout for and when you do find an online casino boasting the following branded games, be sure to try them out.


One of the most popular names in the casino gaming software industry is Microgaming. Powering some of the most famous online casino games, players can expect each recently designed game to bigger and better than the previous launch. The company uses high end graphics to project 3D imagery to PC and mobile devices, making for some magnificent gaming themes.


NetEntertainment, just as big as some major competitors, offers a fantastically vast database of quality casino games designed using the latest gaming technologies.


A popular brand among seasoned gamblers is an iGaming software developer by the name of Novomatic, who is fast becoming a rising star. The casino gaming creators recently had a great run with releasing some of the most popular casino games on the market in 2018.


Being quite advanced for its time, Playtech was one of the first brands to create user-friendly games with high quality graphics, enhanced audio and outstanding bonus features. Players can really appreciate the quality and obvious desire the company has for success.

Some other massive names in the industry to be on the lookout for are; Play’n Go, Betsoft, NextGen, Yggdrasil, Thunderkick and Evolution Gaming. All of these software gurus have a concrete footprint within the gaming realm.

To experience quality casino gaming first hand, explore casino.netbet.co.uk for a selection of games by some of the above mentioned brands and decide whether or not you would like to stick to mediocre gaming, or to game like a king!


Windows 10 build 18267 has been released by software giant Microsoft to Windows Insiders who have subscriptions to the Fast Ring.

Those who have subscribed to the Fast Ring usually have access to early versions of Windows 10 updates which are yet to be released.

With this development, feedback shows that the Windows 10 search feature will be overhauled.

There is an updated search tool in the new build that enables files and folders to be searched for in Windows Search.

This new feature which has been described as an ‘Enhanced Search’ can only be enabled after users have allowed Windows 10 to carry out a manual indexing of every file directory of the available PC.

Understandably, this process is time-consuming but since the aim is to get an ultimate and accurate way of locating files and folders, it will be worth it at the end.

These improvements to Windows 10 search feature for files and folders will definitely be welcomed by users who have been frustrated in their attempts to implement the search feature for the location of specific documents.

This is so because their previous attempts produced no results or the wrong results.

Meanwhile, it won’t be a surprise if Microsoft decides to do away with the feature altogether before the official release is done, as this has been the fate of other enhanced features in the past.

Who would place a bet that any of the possibilities can occur? If you’re one, and you like placing bets, then you can visit Novibet.co.uk .

Meanwhile, no date has been given on when the official final version of the update will be released. However, it should be available in the first half of 2019.

The Windows 10 build 18267 also comprises additional features and fixes to bugs.

The full change log of the update where you can ascertain the newness of the features has also been released by Microsoft.


There are several types of 3D modeling: wireframe, solid, surface, generative and polygonal. A volumetric visualization using polygons is the very first version of 3D modeling. Polygonal modeling 3d max has its own nuances and complexities, but this method is still very popular in the field of 3D-technologies. You can find a great examples of a polygonal car 3D models here: https://www.flatpyramid.com/car-3d-models/

What is polygonal modeling?

Polygonal modeling – low-level modeling, which allows you to visualize an object using a polygon mesh.

Polygonal meshes consist of such subobjects:

The vertex is the junction point of the edges, there can be as many as desired;

Edges – lines that protrude by the boundaries of faces;

Faces or polygons – grid cells, sections of the plane, which are most often triangular or quadrangular. A polygonal mesh can consist of a huge number of identical cells.

To create a 3D model of an object, you must work with subobjects. You can change their scale and shape, rotate, merge and divide, as well as apply other operations that allow special computer programs.


3ds Max;




Polygonal meshes are a collection of polygons, from which contours are formed, the shell of the future object. It seems that they are easy to work with, they have clearly defined external and internal area, there is no need to do any additional parameters and calculations. However, this method requires patience and perseverance, because to create even the most simple three-dimensional model, you need to make thousands of mouse clicks. The smallest mistake can reduce all the work is not “no”, since it is very difficult to remake the finished object.

There are three basic techniques for creating polygonal models, which are most often used in a combined version, but can also be used in pure form.

With the help of primitives – when the finished geometric figures (for example, a cube or a cylinder) are taken as a basis, then the desired model is constructed by drawing subobjects, dividing existing faces.

Drawing new faces from the source polygon, when each subobject appears from the previous one.

Manually, without source and primitives, when all subobjects are drawn, rather than stretched.

Polygonal modeling provides three basic methods for constructing visualization objects.

Simulation with vertices – manipulations with vertices, their movement, removal, etc. are carried out.

Modeling with the help of edges – to give the desired shape to the object, the position of the edges, their dimensions, changes.

Modeling by means of polygons – faces are used for more complex operations, for example, giving shapes to convexity or vice versa, smoothing or indenting the surface, here work is carried out with planes.

Polygonal modeling 3d max


It is better to use quadrangular geometric shapes. They are easier to deform, which allows you not to waste time on unnecessary manipulation. It is recommended to use as few triangles as possible.

Do not use complex geometric shapes, with lots of corners and edges, this can lead to deformation of the texture.

When creating a polygon model, you only need to visualize the necessary elements, building additional structures complicates the model itself, if it’s small details, you can do them using textures.

Polygonal modeling is designed primarily to create volumetric models of objects with precise shapes and clear contours. Objects are composed of polygons – tiny faces that have a shape and color. This method today is most often used in industrial design.

What is the VESA Mounting System for TVs?

If you encounter the need to mount a television or computer monitor on a wall or another surface, you will surely also encounter the term VESA, and most likely will not know what it refers to or its importance.

Basically, VESA is an international standard that defines how to mount a monitor or television in a safe and adequate way by using a support. It refers to the hole pattern, which corresponds to the size and weight of the panel, which is located at the back of the TV, and that also coincides with the holes in the support.

Currently, the VESA standard is widespread, and it is practically impossible to find a television or computer monitor, be it LCD, LED or any other technology, that does not have a set of holes in its back to allow it to be mounted on some type of support such as those provided by www.unicol.com.

When was the VESA standard created?

Actually, the standard for the supports that allow us to mount a monitor or TV display on the wall is called “Flat Display Mounting Interface” or FDMI, which is part of the family of specifications promoted by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), which also sought to standardise other types of technologies.

Specifically, the FDMI standard was created in 1997 and included everything necessary for manufacturers to begin adding to their panels the set of holes needed to hang it from a support, which corresponds in distance to the weight and size of the television or monitor.

VESA supports for monitors and televisions

That is why, today, we can find all kinds of supports, specifically designed to fit a specific type of monitor or TV display panel. Although most of the supports include several sets of holes, which allows a certain flexibility, this does not mean that we can hang a television or monitor of 22 inches on a support prepared for a device of 42 inches.

How do I know if my TV or monitor is compatible with VESA?

As mentioned, it is practically impossible to find a monitor or TV screen that is not prepared for VESA support, however, it is possible to prove it unequivocally: if the back of your device has a square or rectangle formed by holes for mounting with screws, it is compatible with VESA.

What kind of VESA support do I need to mount my TV or Monitor?

Fortunately, the answer to this question is simple; it is sufficient to measure the distance between the holes of the mounting screws. If the distance equals 75 x 75 mm, you must buy a support that corresponds to that measurement, however, it never hurts to ask the seller about your specific needs regarding model and size, since they can advise you best.

3 Game-Changing Automation Solutions

Tasks like monitoring, analyzing and optimizing business processes were always in the crosshairs of certain businesses that share several things in common – increased productivity, efficiency and better position in the market.

But the manual process remains labor-intensive, no matter how well you optimize it. In fact, it still remains boring, repetitive, time consuming and comes with a high risk of errors. However, thanks to the latest developments in the business software industry, businesses can now use automation solutions to streamline their operations and bring manual work to its bare minimum.

Here are five game-changing automation solutions that definitely deserve your attention.



WorkFusion Smart Process Automation is an automation software powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. It was built to be used even by people with no extensive technical background. With this software in your hands, you will be able to configure and automate the most complex processes.

This is all thanks to the drag-and-drop user interface. It belongs to the subcategory of robotic process automation (RPA), since it utilizes software bots to accomplish complex and otherwise time-consuming tasks.

If you are unsure which process you should automate, WorkFusion can help you reach the right decisions. The built-in monitoring tools will analyze your entire operation and pinpoint the areas that are the most suitable for automation. The software comes with over a dozen ready-to-use business process templates, which you can configure and use to immediately automate your in-house processes.

One of the most valued benefits of WorkFusion is data digitization. In fact, this solution comes with built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This tool will enable you to convert any data in any language to a digital form.

What’s even better, you can use OCR in any of the workflows. With paper documents out of the equation, your workforce will be able to put in more time into complex tasks while the WorkFusion handles the repetitive ones on its own.

Blue Prism


Blue Prism is another process automation tool which utilizes software bots to automate redundant tasks in your company. The primary role of Blue Prism will be to take the workload off your employees’ back, so that they are able to devote more time to advanced operational challenges. The user interface of this software is intuitive, while the software features are fairly easy to use, even by people without any previous experience.

Which technologies are at the core of Blue Prism? In order to enable companies to become as efficient as possible, Blue Prism leverages the power of sentiment analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The powerful analytics engine enables managers to identify bottlenecks in the operations and act fast to optimize them for better performance. Blue Prism features pack the power to render any organization more agile and ready to respond to volatile changes in the market.

When it comes to scalability, Blue Prism offers the same options as WorkFusion does. You will be able to choose whether you want to install it on-premises or use it as a cloud-based solution. Despite your decision, you should know that the team behind Blue Prism holds their users security in high regard.

The first line of defence are user permissions that allow you to restrict access to data and features to a group of employees. The second security layer is integration with credential vaults, which enables your employees to have continuous access to the system, with minimal risk to its security.



As a robotic automation software, Pega also utilizes the power of bots to deliver the best possible results to its clients in terms of increase agility, performance, efficiency. When it comes to the built-in features and ease of use, Pega is at the same level as WorkFusion and Blue Prism.

You will be able to putits analytics features to use right from the start, which will allow you to identify workflow inefficiencies and deploy bots to digitize and optimize the process. Pega is also able to help you automate desktop processes and give your employees easy access to all the data spread across your business apps.

With Pega, your employees will be ready to perform higher-value work while the system completely automates processes, minimizes errors and accelerates productivity.

These three game-changing automation solutions are perfect examples of what machine learning and AI have in store for companies. Not only can these apps help you increase productivity in-house, but also get your company ready for the new age, the age of digitization.

Where to Find The Most Trusted Software

Many people in today’s world use mobiles, laptops, computer, tablets and others for education, entertainment or other different purposes. On the internet, there are countless of software available. However, people usually do not know which is the right site to download trusted software. Given that many sites offer free software, they make the most out of it. Sometimes, free software contains a lot of viruses, and installing them on your system can destroy everything.

On the internet, you can find plenty of trusted software that have their own reputation. In that sense, it is less likely for your system to get infected with viruses, and hence losing out all your important information. In the below, you will find a list of the best and most trusted software available on the web.


On this website, you will be able to download software that offers shareware programs, freeware, and open source for Windows. Filehippo presents as well with its own software such as scanner, filehippo update checker etc. This website was launched back in 2004.


Softpedia is probably one of the most visited sites across the globe. You can find all types of details about software reviews and even the software itself. You can download it for free to access useful information. This website was launched back in 2001.


In recent times, Brothersoft has become one of the most well-known websites. On this site, you can download free software for Linux, Mac and Windows. It offers more than 200000 free software containing mobile applications, wallpapers, video games, utilities, software, browsers, scripts, widgets and drivers. This website was launched back in 2002.

Windows App Store

Windows App Store offers a huge array of paid and free software for mobile phones and Windows desktop. Here, you can find plenty of useful software for your Windows phone, desktop or laptop. This website is one among which you can feel safer than ever.


Softonic is popular for downloading free software. Recently, Softonic initiated the question and answer service, where web surfers can ask questions connected to mobile applications and software. This website was launched back in 1997, by the Tomas Diago (Creator & Owner).


This website is very useful for users to find free software for Mac operating system and Windows. You will also be able to read about honest reviews on gadgets and software here.


Soft 32 is not only one among the most popular sites, but it also provides free software for Mobile operating system, Mac and Windows. This is a nice software directory to look for suitable free software in every type.

Hopefully, this article will help you find suitable software and apps for your computer. There are many other trusted apps which require no download as well. Magical Vegas is one of them, and this online casino site provides a huge range of online games. If you are looking for entertainment, it is highly recommended to hop in there.

Simple SEO – Steps to Follow

Do you want your blog and website to be on the first page of the search engine? If yes, then you have to optimize it. This is where Search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play. There are millions of websites out there and to make your blog or website stand out, you will have to spend some time and effort into SEO.

SEO targets various types of search which includes video search, image search, news search, map search and the overall web search. It is basically a strategy for internet marketing that one should learn to build a successful blog or website. SEO optimizes the content, links and the design of your website, thus taking your website to the peaks of success.

It is highly important to make your content/ blog post come up in the first page of the search engine for example Google.

There is something known as white hat and black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is basically about optimizing your content by breaking the rules. It is catered not to the viewers/ readers but to the search engines. It is mostly about fooling the search engine to get a good rank, which results in bad content and spams which gets banned very soon.

However white Hat SEO is the one you should go with, It more about your viewers and readers and going with the SEO rules, in other words it is clean SEO where in, you gain viewers and readers naturally.

It might be a slow process but it is worth it.

On page and off page SEO

On page SEO is all about the factors on your page that helps in optimizing your content, which includes the content, template, design and headlines.

On page SEO

They say ‘content is king’, which indeed is true. Google is no fool, you have to provide Google with fresh, crisp and a tasty write up and it will help you with optimization. If you serve copied and bad content Google will be disappointed.

Make sure that you offer the best quality content that is possible and search the right keywords for your content. Searching the keywords is the most crucial part of search engine optimization and you should put in a good amount of time for it. However, make sure that you don’t stuff your write up with the keyword. Use it wisely.

Off page SEO in other hand are the factors that depend on sources that are not on your page which includes other blogs, personal history, social networks and more.

Both of these are crucial to optimize your website or blog.

If you are planning to own a website or if you already own one and are confused about the SEO part, then don’t worry. There are various agencies and individual freelancers who deal with SEO, they offer the service to you, so that you can relax and focus on other bigger issues.

However, if you own a startup and have a bad relationship with SEO then, you should go ahead with an SEO agency. If you think that you don’t have enough to pay to the agencies, then there are online portals that offer quick loans online. Taking a loan to optimize your website is not a bad idea. Be sure that you opt for the services of a trusted company, be it for SEO or for the loans.

After all the optimization is only going to bring in more revenue and you will be out of the loan soon.